🧩How we solve this problem

Despite that, we can solve three of these big problems by helping to:

  1. Monetize this sizable minority category, filtering all bad traffic, and offer the highest compensation to publishers.

  2. Instruct publishers on how to keep safe their digital content from: web-scrapers, bots, DMCA Authority, and other webmasters that steal and publish the same content.

  3. Receive payments anywhere in the world with low fees and no delay using Anchoreth (ADSH) token. Think about South America or the Middle East.

Anchoreth (ADSH) is the #1 De-FI URLs Ecosystem empowering People and Organizations to Monetize, Enrich and Trade their URLs for a Profit in Crypto.

Anchoreth platform will be accessible to all users who want to convert their links into NFTs. In Anchoreth users can finally act like a real business in which:

  1. Users can monetize their digital content without using invasive advertising or

    selling their content through paid links.

  2. Users have full transparency and control over their own data; in fact, with Anchoreth it is possible to make digital content or the entire website accessible only to specific people using the encryption (KECCAK-256) and the security of the blockchain. Content owners can create one or more NFT (non-fungible token, denominated by us NFT-A, non-fungible token-access) with the user’s credentials that can be gifted or sold (NFT-A will be found in Metamask Wallet > Collectibles). Tokens can be limited or unlimited for each content.

  3. All the NFT-A tokens of a specific file/URL or of the whole website that are owned by users can be gifted or traded between other users. The value of each NFT-A token will be calculated and suggested by an algorithm that will keep monitoring the demand for digital content.

  4. As legitimate owners, users that mint new NFT-As, receive royalties from every content-related transaction and view. Guests that own these NFTs will see their value increase in time.

Key features of Anchoreth

  • Protection for any digital content. Anchoreth will encrypt the final URL of each digital content, ensuring that the content is not transferable to third parties.

  • NFT prices are calculated by an algorithm. Each user can set a maximum number of digital content available that can be purchased. Based on availability, the number of views, time, and other metrics, Anchoreth will attribute a price to the NFT.

  • Strong privacy. Anchoreth does not release any user information, each digital content has end-to-end protection.

  • Scalability. Every digital content will be inserted into our NFT search engine, giving each visitor the possibility to buy your NFT even without the help of your traffic

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