1. Adshrink.it Tools

    • JS Scrips

    • Widget

    • API Endpoin

  2. AdShrink.it Platform

    • A web application designed to give access and monetize all kinds of digital contents, specifically useful;

      • for collect data

      • filter all the bad traffic

      • elaborate accurate statistics.

  3. Anchoreth Wallet

    • A web and mobile application (iOS and Android) designed for Users to empower them in:

      • Manage and trade all owner NFTs/NFT-As

      • Launch new NFTs/NFT-As Collections

      • Receive tailored Offers and Gifts, based on his profile, interest and behadvior

  4. Anchoreth Web Extension & Mobile Application

    • In order to ensure to our users the maximum level of privacy and protection, we will develop a web extension compatible with:

      • Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Safari

    • Mobile Application

      • Android

      • iOS

  5. Anchoreth Advertising Platform

    1. A web platform useful for buying advertising space, targeting crypto people.

    2. We will take advantage of the entire AdShrink Network (10M+), and will show the banners only to crypto related users.

    3. It Will use the best technology in the file, such as:

      1. JS Widgets to put on other websites

      2. Deep-links

      3. AI

      4. Cookies

      5. Multiple-creativities

      6. and more

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