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Anchoreth Intro

THE #1 DE-FI URLS ECOSYSTEM 🚀 • Empowering People and Organizations to Monetize, Enrich and Trade their NFT URLs for a Profit in Crypto.
Good to know: Anchoreth is backed by Adshrink
Here at Anchoreth, we are taking on the challenge of implementing the NFT system on URLs, making each URL non-duplicable, protecting the content, and monetizing it through crypto payment. Our vision is to give each user, the ability to create NFT links, giving full transparency and control over their own content; in fact, with Anchoreth it is possible to make a digital content or the entire website accessible only to specific people using the encryption (KECCAK-256) and the security of the blockchain.
We are bonded in defending all exclusive content, united in purpose, and determined to support our user’s journey toward the total protection of their content.
You deserve it, we deserve it, we all deserve it.
Anchoreth is a project backed by AdShrink, one of the leading URL monetizers in the world. Each user will have the ability to create NFT links, monetize their exclusive content, and protect them through the blockchain, with Anchoreth as a payment method. At launch, more than 100M AdShrink links will be monetized with Anchoreth... but this is only the beginning. Be ready for the future of blockchain-based URLs.

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