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Advertising: How it will work

Initially, the whole system will be simple to understand and use. Our main goal will be to implement the main tools and features such as:
  • Cost per mille (CPM) views or impressions of an advertisement. Subsequently a Smart Bid System
  • JavaScript Widget and Pixel, respectively useful, to show ADs, track and gathers data to give you an understanding of the actions users take on your site
  • Higher engagement across a wide variety of ad formats Support for all of your goals - drive sales, generate leads, create awareness, drive traffic to your site, and more
  • Transparent, actionable data––get a 360-degree look at what’s working best, and where you can improve to see your best campaign performance
  • Using our Widget, your content and ads will be recommended on thousands of top websites and app
  • A Professional Platform and their main sections such as: performance and statistics, campaigns, publishers/editors, tools and creativiteis