A good way to earn passive income: Staking offers a decent way for crypto enthusiasts to generate a passive income while holding coins. Also, with staking, you earn returns on your digital assets while supporting the coin’s ecosystem.

It’s easy to get started: Compared to mining, there are a lot less resources required to start out with staking. The simplest methods allow users to stake crypto by simply funding their wallets and locking up a part of their digital assets. As a bonus benefit of these methods, you don’t need any technical skills to start staking crypto.

No to minimal startup costs: To start staking cryptocurrency, you don’t need to purchase expensive hardware to maintain the network and earn a passive income. The simplest methods only require a wallet and a specific amount of coins to get started.

We offer pools where users can put their tokens, and they will return an interest rate. We developed these tools in order to optimize token usage and to keep retail in the expanding and growing ecosystem.

Incentivizing users to stake other crypto for a profit, in summary we offer to users these tools:

  • Staking Pool: the user holds the specified amount of ADSH, receiving then a reward ADSH. This product will also be easily accessible for beginner users.

  • Liquidity Pools: the user gives a specified amount that we will redirect on external liquidity pools, accounting a 50% in ADSH and the remaining 50% in major tokens

  • Mini Liquidity Pools: the user puts 50% in a major token (USDT / BNB / ETH) and ADSH borrows the remaining 50% in ADSH, so it will be able to put it in a liquidity pool. Interests are paid in ADSH to the user and when the user exits he will get 50% in the original token and 50% in ADSH, so the pool will remain balanced.

    (USDT / BNB / ETH) depending on the current major exchanges value we proxy.

  • NFTs Staking: is a new way to earn passive income in the crypto world and lets NFT holders lock their assets in Anchoreth DeFi platforms to receive rewards, all without the need to sell their NFT collections.

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