😡Anti-Dump Policy

Good to know: Anti-dumping policy can be a set of rules that can prevents investors from falling victim pump and dump schemes. Dumping can be referred to an occurrence when a big investor that is also known as a whale; buys a huge number of tokens with the intention of increasing the price before selling them for a large profit.

We have no particular control over this

But what we can tell our investors is that

  • A small fee will be applied from all off-exchange transactions which will feed into our Liquidity Pool

  • The Treasury/Reserve will be constantly fed, each 1 or 3 month, around 20% more than that used to pay for the traffic generated by our users' content

  • Any purchase of our NFTs requires the use of our ADSH Token. If not possible, it will be purchasable anyway but the tokens will be subsequently converted into ADSH

  • Any advertising space, relating to our network, will be sold exclusively using our ADSH Token

  • We will record any type of transaction to monitor the user's loyalty, the use of schemes and then, eventually, limit his purchasing power of NFTs and advertising spaces. He will always be able to sell or buy the token but the user will have a limit regarding the use of the services offered by Anchoreth or a higher fee will be applied for each service used

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