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The basics

Anchoreth is a Token developed by AdShrink, with a registered company in London, is a URL monetization platform born in 2016 and is currently one of the leading platforms in the world in this sector.
To date, AdShrink has more than 200,000 customers, achieving more than 10M visitors every month, and with a turnover of $2M.
AdShrink pays its users monthly with various forms of payment, around $ 40,000 only in Bitcoin, which will be replaced with Anchoreth.

Why Anchoreth?

Anchoreth is not born from an idea, but from a market need.
No one more than us is able to understand the importance of having encrypted and non-duplicable links.
The internet is a jungle. When a user publishes content it is copied in a few minutes and published on many websites, since there is no protection, and most of the time it would be too complex and expensive to protect content by applying copyright.
And as we all know, copyrighted content is also copied and inserted into other websites…
It is a problem that must be cut away. In one word: ANCHORETH.

The Origins: How it all began

As we told you previously, Anchoreth is not born from an idea, but from a market need.
On AdShrink, through the referral system, where we are able to see the origin of each visit, on each link, many times we have seen the same link created by a user, published on many websites.
A lot of times too, the creator had much smaller traffic than those who had copied its content.
Conclusion? Each creator takes a long time to create exclusive content, but it is stolen and copied on other websites, without having any reward/profit for the creation/publication.
To date, no user is rewarded for their work, no user has protection on their content, no user receives traffic / visitors for their exclusive content, but only those who have better SEO get it.
And if this content could be copied on all websites, on all social networks, everywhere! But is the owner still the same, and does he get paid whenever a user wants to access that exclusive content?
It’s simple and there are no other solutions, such as using De-Fi to create NFT URLs.

The Poll: The moment of truth is approaching

AdShrink carried out a survey in September 2021, asking its users if they were interested in creating protected and non-duplicable links, in order to protect their content.
Out of 13700 users, 12623 would be interested in NFT links.
Anchoreth was just born. A platform that will be connected to AdShrink but that will give life to the first platform in the world where each user will be able to create for the first time non-duplicable content through links, earning crypto for each transaction and with a price variation system based on the number of content available.
Anchoreth will also become the main payment method on AdShrink, thus ensuring exponential growth of the currency over time.