Anchoreth Cashflow

Any crypto that has no utility and does not create a constant cash flow over time is doomed to die.
How will Anchoreth create a steady cash flow that will allow ADSH's value to increase day by day?
NFT Transactions
AdShrink Payments
Each purchase will be made through ADSH , also by applying fees, which will remain in the Anchoreth’s liquidity
AdShrink pays its users around $ 40.000 via Bitcoin every month. Anchoreth will replace Bitcoin.
Anchoreth aims to become the leading crypto advertising platform. Reaching millions of visitors each year in target with Crypto and NFT, we will advertise on each NFT link crypto projects with a CPC system.
Our goal is to increase the value of ADSH exponentially, for this reason, we have built a detailed plan explained in the Anti-Dump Policy tab.