The Ethic Problem

Content protection is one of the most compelling needs for eradicating Internet piracy.

Before De-Fi was born, it was not possible to solve this problem. All users had to entrust their contents to someone for copyrights protection.

It’s fun … paying for a pseudo-protection of your content, when it is now possible to have it for free, 100% non-duplicable, and make money through Anchoreth.

The Ethic Problem is overcome thanks to the involvement of the users - the people, instead of webmasters - as content owners, rightful central stakeholders of the ecosystem, which has full transparency, control and monetization over their contents.

Now all the users can monetize and grant or revoke access to their contents; no one can do something to prevent this action because all access-data will be stored in the blockchain.

At Anchoreth, we believe that this middle-of-the-line approach is going to be a game-changer that can enable a new wave of growth for content protection.

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