Anchoreth offers ground-breaking protection-enhancing technology for URLs. It provides the ability to create NFT links for users with digital content, leveraging encrypting technology, and offers a novel price discovery mechanism for the exclusivity of available content. Users are able to encrypt links contained on their website or links that direct to content uploaded to third-party domains, converting them to NFTs.

We believe NFT Link will become an ever-expanding asset class. Our goal is to give royalties and content-protection to all those users who generate exclusive content on the web.

Each NFT Link will be accessible via payment in Crypto, where Anchoreth will be the only trading currency, allowing its value (ADSH) to grow day by day. A fee will be applied to each transaction, which will be placed in the liquidity pool.


Anchoreth Ecosystem is designed to empower both stakeholders of the Digital Contents Industry: Content Owners and the final Users that can be visitors or buyers.

Anchoreth Ecosystem is:

  • OPEN to Owners and Users

  • TRANSPARENT and CONTROLLABLE by Content Owners and Users that own contents

  • PAYS ROYALTIES to Content Owners for content-related trade and for each view

  • SECURE, engineered to achieve the highest level of security for its users.

The anchoreth ecosystem is also designed to become the main Crypto Advertising Platform worldwide


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