🔗Eco-System of URLs

As we know: Anchoreth will become our primary payment method, thus ensuring exponential growth of the currency over time.

This is just the beginning. Anchoreth will not only be our payment method, but we will create a true eco-system of URLs:

  1. Each user will have the ability to create NFT links where Anchoreth will be the only payment method.

  2. Each NFT link will be inserted in our search engine.

  3. The blockchain behind the Anchoreth system will be used to create the first Copyright protection system on links, protecting each of our users in the creation of their links and making them non-duplicable.

For this reason Anchoreth will become a real currency used worldwide, very far from the coins born for simple speculation, and above all, it will not be linked to the fluctuations of Bitcoin.

Now, the Advertising and Data markets are two of the fastest-growing and have reached staggering figures: more than 1 trillion dollars a year.

In fact, continuous growth in the number of internet users across the globe is driving the demand for internet advertising but not all the websites can monetize their digital content and collect data about their users in order to offer high-quality services.

This is due to many different reasons

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